California Continues to Advocate for Student-Athletes

The “Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act” recently went into effect in California and Connecticut, requiring colleges and universities in those states to post specific information concerning athletic scholarships on their athletic department websites.  The legislation, backed by the National College Players Association (“NCPA”), was intended to provide student-athletes and their parents a more complete picture […]

CT Sports Law’s Top Story Line of 2011


1.  Connecticut joins California as the only states to pass the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act, which provides transparency in the recruiting process and also helps parents and student-athletes ask the right questions during the recruiting process.  Introduced by Representative Patricia Dillon and supported by University of New Haven professor Allen Sack and National College Players Association President […]

Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Important Questions for Non-Scholarship Recruits


In a recent post, I discussed how the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act helps parents and student-athletes ask coaches the important questions during the recruiting process.  This law only applies to schools that offer athletic scholarships.  However, student-athletes and parents of student-athletes recruited by Division II and Division III schools that do not offer athletic scholarships must also be […]

Laws Help Recruited Student-Athletes Ask the Right Questions


Sports Litigation Alert and Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics recently featured my article on the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act in their November 2011 issues.  (Click on the following link to view the article in PDF: LICA 13-1 reprint Student-Athletes Right to Know Act).  I have also posted the article below.   My sincere thanks to Holt Hackney, publisher […]

Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Law Helps Student-Athletes Ask the Right Questions in Recruiting Process


The recruiting process is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most student-athletes.  College coaches, however, recruit hundreds of players each year.  Therefore, it is paramount that student-athletes and their parents are educated on the process, especially when athletic scholarships are involved. A new law will take effect in Connecticut on January 1, 2012, that seeks to bridge […]

3 Points on Connecticut’s Student-Athlete’s Right to Know Act

In the Sports Law class that I teach with Rob Romano at Quinnipiac Law School, we have been tracking Proposed House Bill 5415, “An Act Requiring Full Disclosure to Prospective Athletes Being Recruited to Institutions of Higher Education” which is pending in the Connecticut General Assembly. In discussing the most recent changes to the bill, which I covered […]

Bill Requiring Disclosure of Athletic Scholarship Terms Progresses in General Assembly


A bill requiring that colleges and universities more fully disclose the terms and conditions of athletic scholarships continues to progress through the Connecticut General Assembly.  However, the bill that is presently before the General Assembly appears to have been diluted from its original form. In February,”An Act Requiring the Informed Consent of Prospective Athletes Being […]


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