When a School Doesn’t Want You to Sign a National Letter of Intent


I have spent a good deal of time discussing the National Letter of Intent (NLI) on this blog.  Generally, I have concluded that the most elite prospects should considering forgoing the NLI.  On the other hand, less sought-after recruits should sign the NLI rather than risk that scholarship slots will fill up. Recently, I have […]

Guaranteed Scholarships Coming to (Some) D-1 Schools


Over the course of the last few months Maryland, South Carolina and Indiana have announced that they will offer guaranteed scholarships to certain student-athletes.  Although other schools have yet to announce their plans, every Division I recruit and current Division I athlete should use this opportunity to ask whether their scholarship offer, or scholarship, will now […]

Want to Play Sports in College? Take Control of the Recruiting Process


Eric Dobler, a college admissions consultant from Cheshire, Conn. recently contributed an excellent post to Connecticut Sports Law entitled Eligibility: The Key for Aspiring College Athletes.  I returned the favor by writing a guest post for his blog, the Dobler College Consulting blog, on the recruiting process.  Here is an excerpt of the post: My recruiting experience […]

Eligibility: The Key for Aspiring College Athletes

Chaulk Board

By Eric Dobler If you are an aspiring college athlete, eligibility is a key word for you. If you’re not eligible, you won’t be able to play the game that you’ve grown up loving. So, what do you have to do in order to be eligible?  For college eligibility, you will need at least an overall […]

Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Notre Dame High School

Last night, I had the privilege of attending Coaches’ Night at Notre Dame High School in Fairfield, Conn. to talk to parents and student-athletes about navigating the recruiting process.  Most of my comments were based on various posts on this blog, which are listed below: Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Getting Started Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Sell Yourself Laws Help Recruited […]

Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Important Questions for Non-Scholarship Recruits


In a recent post, I discussed how the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act helps parents and student-athletes ask coaches the important questions during the recruiting process.  This law only applies to schools that offer athletic scholarships.  However, student-athletes and parents of student-athletes recruited by Division II and Division III schools that do not offer athletic scholarships must also be […]

Laws Help Recruited Student-Athletes Ask the Right Questions


Sports Litigation Alert and Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics recently featured my article on the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act in their November 2011 issues.  (Click on the following link to view the article in PDF: LICA 13-1 reprint Student-Athletes Right to Know Act).  I have also posted the article below.   My sincere thanks to Holt Hackney, publisher […]

Connecticut Sports Recruiting: Are Camps for Recruiting or Teaching?

As I covered in my article entitled “Camps Bring Additional Income, Legal Issues for College Coaches“, sports camps allow college coaches to earn additional income and scout potential recruits.  But what is the objective of these camps?  To provide a recruiting opportunity for coaches or to teach young players the skills necessary to play the game? Answers […]


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