O’Bannon v. NCAA Update

A quick update on In re NCAA Student-Athlete Name and Likeness Litigation, better known as O’Bannon v. NCAA, the class action lawsuit concerning the use of the likenesses of former college basketball players in video games produced by EA Sports.  I wrote a piece for the Connecticut Law Tribune on O’Bannon last spring, which can be […]

Connecticut Law Tribune Features Dan Fitzgerald

I am pleased to announce that the Connecticut Law Tribune included me in its “Dozen Who Made a Difference” feature, focusing on my work in the area of sports law (click on the link to read press release).  The article, written by Christian Nolan, discusses some of my recent guest speaking engagements as well as my work providing advice to […]

O’Bannon v. NCAA Shines a Light Upon Student-Athletes’ Right of Publicity

I am pleased to announce that the Connecticut Law Tribune has included an article that I wrote on NCAA v. O’Bannon in its special section on intellectual property law, which was published today.  Here is an excerpt from the article: Sixteen years after starring in the NCAA tournament, O’Bannon is the lead plaintiff in O’Bannon v. NCAA (also referred […]

Friday Night Rights: Heat and High School Athletics

Doug Malan of the Connecticut Law Tribune recently interviewed me for his story “School Sports Aren’t All Fun And Games”, concerning the liability of high school coaches.  The story touched upon the arrest of two assistant football coaches in Middletown (Conn.) after a player collapsed during a workout on a particularly hot day. Even basic […]

More on Attorneys and NCAA Compliance

Christian Nolan of the Connecticut Law Tribune quoted me in an interesting article entitled “When Lawyers are Part of The Game,” which is featured in this week’s edition of the paper.  Click the following link to read the article in its entirety: when-lawyers-are-part-of-the-game. The article discusses NCAA compliance against the backdrop of the allegations of recruiting violations at […]

Connecticut Sports Law Recognized by Law Tribune

The Connecticut Law Tribune recognized the first anniversary of Connecticut Sports Law in its March 30, 2009 edition.  Click on the following file to view the remarks: ct-law-tribune-march-30-2009-p2. Many thanks to the Law Tribune for its continued coverage of Connecticut Sports Law.  It is truly appreciated. (Also see the Connecticut Law Tribune article “Inside the Wide World […]