Legal Challenges in Connecticut Collegiate Athletic Departments

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in a panel discussion at the Connecticut Bar Association’s annual meeting on June 17, 2013, entitled “Legal Challenges in Connecticut Collegiate Athletic Departments.”  The panel will run from 9:30 to 11:30 am and is sponsored by the Connecticut Bar Association Sports and Entertainment Committee. Here is a […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Weston Basketball Coach Fired, Rehired There is a great story down the road from me in Weston, Conn., where the high school basketball coach was fired for appearing in what has been described as a raunchy film 10 years ago, while the coach was an actor.  The coach, Mike Hvizdo, was subsequently rehired after a […]

Friday Sports Briefs: Big East Edition

As conference alignment continues to shake out, it is becoming increasingly clear that UConn is on the outside looking in.  Despite the many successes of the university’s basketball and football teams, UConn remains a member of the Big East – a conference which is unlikely to last through the weekend – without any appealing alternatives. Catholic Schools to […]

Friday Sports Briefs

The Significance of Marvin Miller Notre Dame Law School sports law professor Ed Edmonds has written an interesting piece on the significance of Major League Baseball leader Marvin Miller.  Miller recently passed away at the age of 95. Clark Booth also has an interesting piece in the Dorchester Reporter regarding Miller’s exclusion from the Baseball […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Pop Warner Limits Contact in Practice to Avoid Concussions From Kurt Warner to Tom Brady Sr., there has been a lot of recent talk concerning whether kids should play football in light of the dangers posed by concussions. In response to these concerns, the Pop Warner youth football organization has implemented new rules limiting contact in practice, according to the […]

How Does Conference Realignment Promote Amateurism in College Sports?

The foundation of collegiate athletics has taken some serious hits over the last few weeks.  Taylor Branch’s cover story for The Atlantic Monthly, “The Shame of College Sports” rocked the NCAA, and was dubbed by some as one of the most important articles ever written on the subject.  That story was followed by the chaos of conference realignment. […]