College Players Should Be Represented By Counsel Before NCAA

McAdoo UNC

University of North Carolina (UNC) football player Michael McAdoo has filed suit against UNC and the NCAA in connection with his ban from collegiate athletics.  McAdoo’s lawsuit is multifaceted.  But one of his allegations against UNC is that the school failed to advise McAdoo that he could be represented by his own legal counsel in connection with NCAA proceedings.  UNC [...]

More Advice for Former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

Erick Smith of the USA Today reported that former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel did not attend a NCAA rules compliance seminar in Tampa this past weekend.  Tressel was originally scheduled to attend the seminar as part of Ohio State’s self-imposed penalties.  Subsequent to the imposition of those penalties, Sports Illustrated blew the top off of the [...]

UConn, Calhoun Punished by NCAA for Recruiting Violations

The story of UConn’s alleged NCAA violations in the recruitment of Nate Miles, which Yahoo! Sports broke in March 2009, finally has an ending.  The NCAA’s Committee on Infractions has levied various recruiting sanctions against UConn, and surprisingly has suspended UConn coach Jim Calhoun for the first three Big East games of next season.  UConn has [...]

Breaking Down Jim Calhoun’s Response to NCAA

Here’s the text of my interview with the Hartford Courant’s Paul Doyle regarding UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun’s response to the NCAA.  The interview was part of the article “UConn’s Testimony Before NCAA Over, Now It’s Time To Wait.”  For an anaylsis of the university’s response, see Breaking Down UConn’s Response to NCAA Allegations.   Paul Doyle: [...]

Breaking Down UConn’s Response to NCAA Allegations

On Sunday, I was quoted in the Hartford Courant article “UConn’s Testimony Before NCAA Over, Now It’s Time To Wait.”  The article, written by the Courant’s Paul Doyle and Mike Anthony, was outstanding.  My comments were part of a longer interview with Paul Doyle, and I have posted the text of the interview relating to UConn’s response to the NCAA’s [...]


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