Game Commitment Clauses Gain Traction in Coaching Contracts

Andy Katz of posted an interesting article about a growing trend in college coaching contracts – game commitment clauses. When a coach leaves a school, that school is often compensated by way of a buyout clause, a topic that I have covered in detail.  However, some schools are now negotiating language that requires a […]

From the Vault: Edsall to Notre Dame Talk Shows All Coaches are Free Agents

The annual Randy Edsall Watch is underway in Connecticut with reports that Coach Edsall has discussed the University of Miami’s coaching vacancy with the University’s Athletic Director.  These reports remind me of the following article that I wrote about the state of collegiate coaching contracts. The reports of Notre Dame’s interest in UConn Head Football Coach Randy […]

Power Struggle: Rodriguez, Schiano Demonstrate Change in Collegiate Football Coaching Contracts

The dynamic between the coaches of Division I football teams and the universities that employ them is quickly becoming a hot topic.  The ever-increasing popularity of the college game coupled with the vast financial opportunities have thrust coaches into the spotlight.  As players only wear the  colors of their university for only three or four years,  head coaches have become the proverbial faces […]