Duke Football Escapes Contract on Grounds of Gridiron Futility

Mark Conrad of the the Sports Law Blog recently posted this article concerning University of Louisville v. Duke University, a breach of contract case arising from Duke’s decision to opt out of a 4-game football series with Louisville after one game: a 40-3 loss.  Louisville sought to recover under a liquidated damages clause that would require Duke to pay […]

Home Field Advantage: Patriots Prevail in Suit Against Club Seat Ticket Holder in Case Before Massachusetts High Court

In NPS, LLC v. Minihane, 451 Mass. 417 (2008), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided a case that could have serious ramifications for seat license holders around the National Football League (NFL) and in other professional sports.  The Court, by enforcing a liquidated damages clause in a 10-year agreement for club level seats, required a seat license holder to pay […]