Friday Sports Briefs

“Schools, not NCAA, standing in the way of positive scholarship change” Andy Staples of has a great article on how colleges and universities are balking at the NCAA’s attempt at reform.  The NCAA recently decided to allow schools to provide student-athletes with a $2,000 stipend and to offer multi-year scholarships.  A number of schools, [...]

A Plan to Transform Collegiate Athletics

Warren Zola, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and Chair of the University’s Professional Sports Counseling Panel, has published a plan to transform collegiate athletics on The Huffington Post.  Zola’s plan is centered around three concepts: academic standards and integrity; protecting the interests and improving the experiences of student-athletes; [...]

Mark Herzlich Signs with New York Giants

Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich has signed with the New York Giants as a rookie free agent.  Herzlich has been an inspirational story since he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma, after his junior season, when he was considered a sure-fire first round draft pick.  Herzlich successfully completed treatment and returned to play for Boston College this past [...]

Three Ways for Mid-Majors to Keep Coaching Talent

Before Butler coach Brad Stevens led the Bulldogs to within three points of completing their Cinderella season by winning the NCAA Championship game, the speculation over his future had already begun.  Despite a contract that runs through the year 2016, Stevens will undoubtedly be pursued by larger schools with vast financial resources.  The question for mid-majors [...]

BC-Jagodzinski Contract: Expectations Unfulfilled

The power struggle between college football coaches and the universities for which they work, has taken some interesting twists and turns over the last year or so.  Coaches have long operated in a system of virtual free agency, with little regard for the binding nature of contracts.  Universities have attempted to fight the flight of their [...]


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