Thank You to the Central Connecticut Paralegal Association

On Thursday afternoon, I was the guest speaker at the Central Connecticut Paralegal Association’s (CCPA) Employer Appreciation Luncheon.  The topic was O’Bannon v. NCAA,  what I described as the most important case in amateur athletics.  I truly enjoyed my visit with the members of the CCPA.  My sincere thanks to Sharon Spinella, CCPA President, and Lisa Voorvaart, CCPA Vice President, […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Adding Members to the Big East May Help Defend Against West Virginia Suit  Alicia Jessop over at the Business of College Sports has an interesting post on how the Big East needs to add members now, in part to defend against the lawsuit brought by West Virginia.  The Big East reportedly sent out invitations to  Boise […]

Group Asks Department of Justice to Investigate BCS for Antitrust Violations

Darren Everson of the Wall Street Journal reports that a group of twenty one professors and lawyers have requested that the U.S. Department of Justice investigate the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) for potential violations of antitrust law.  The group sent a letter to the Department of Justice claiming that “[t]he BCS shields preferred schools from competition […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Canadian Prosecutors Consider Charges Against Chara Canadian prosecutors are reportedly considering charging Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins with assault after his check on the Canadians’ Max Pacioretty left Pacioretty hospitalized.  According to Richard Weir of the Boston Herald, charges against Chara would be unlikely, at least under US law.  Typically, tort actions arising from in-game conduct require intentional […]

Fiesta Bowl Shows UConn the Price of Admission to BCS Football

Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant reports that UConn lost $1,663,560 in its Bowl Championship Series (BCS) game loss to Oklahoma on January 1.  Although UConn certainly enjoyed numerous intangible benefits from the football program’s first appearance in a BCS bowl, the financial picture is not pretty. The loss is largely due to the Fiesta Bowl’s requirement […]

UConn and Football Donor Resolve Differences

The University of Connecticut and Robert G. Burton have reportedly resolved the differences that caused Mr. Burton to demand the return of a $3 million donation and the removal of his family’s name from an on-campus football building.  According to an Associated Press article, the parties resolved the dispute after UConn Board of Trustees Chairman […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Congress Takes Aim at the BCS Howard Wasserman at the Sports Law Blog discusses H.R. 390 which prohibits the BCS from promoting, marketing or advertising the BCS as a national championship game unless a single-elimination playoff is in place.  Wasserman points out a potential First Amendment problem with the bill and offers a more direct solution: […]