“Ball So Hard University” Triggers Trademark Dispute

An interesting trademark dispute is brewing over an NFL star’s catchphrase and the attempts of others to capitalize on it.  Terrell Suggs, defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens, claims ownership of the phrase “Ball So Hard University,” an obviously fictional school that Suggs has referred to as his alma mater.  Steve Kilar of the Baltimore Sun has the […]

NFL Lockout Creates Questions Concerning Player Activities

New legal questions arise each day in the unknown territory that is the NFL lockout. Cincinnati Bengals’ receiver Chad Ochocinco is trying out for a Major League Soccer team, Sporting Kansas City.  Baltimore Ravens’ safety Tom Zbikowski has prevailed in one boxing match and has another match scheduled.  In past seasons, such activities would beg the question of […]

The Michael Oher Story On Its Way to the Theatres

The incredible story of Baltimore Ravens’ tackle Michael Oher is coming to the big screen.   Based on Michael Lewis’ book The Blind Side, the movie bears the same title and is scheduled to hit theatres on November 20. Here’s a trailer for the movie version of the The Blind Side:    

Joe Linta, Connecticut’s Sports Agent

Is there a market for sports agents in Connecticut?  This is a question that I have been asked a number of times.  My response is often “yes, see Joe Linta.”  (Also, see my post “Is There A Market for Sports Agents in Connecticut?  Next Question!”) Chip Malafronte of the New Haven Register, wrote an interesting […]