The Legal Consequences of the Saints’ Bounty System

Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog has written an excellent article detailing the legal issues involved with the bounty system organized by former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  McCann explores both criminal and civil remedies for the actions of Williams and the Saints.  Here is an excerpt of the article: The […]

Friday Sports Briefs

Nickname Law Dre Cummings over at the Sports Law Blog has a nice post on the legal battle over the University of North Dakota’s use of the “Fighting Sioux” nickname.  Here’s an excerpt: The “Fighting Sioux” nickname/moniker has engendered deeply divided and passionate debate in North Dakota and amongst the two primary Sioux tribes in […]

Connecticut Court Invalidates Gym’s Liability Waiver


When is a contract not a contract?  When that contract is a gym’s liability waiver, according to a Connecticut Superior Court.  In the case of Schneeloch v. Glastonbury Fitness & Wellness, Inc., the plaintiff was injured during a bosu cardio class at Healthtrax in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and sued the gym for damages.  The gym defended the […]


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