Friday Sports Briefs

Calhoun’s Unsigned Contract Stories concerning Jim Calhoun’s medical leave of absence from the UConn basketball team mentioned that he has yet to sign the contract extension that was nearly complete in December 2009. Although this may appear unusual, it reminded me of Robert Romano’s article Coaches – How Hard Is It to Sign a Multi-Million Dollar Contract?: […]

Friday Sports Briefs

NFL Antitrust Case Heard by Supreme Court I have the pleasure of teaching Sports Law at Quinnipiac University School of Law this semester.  One of the early themes has been how sports law, despite being based on traditional legal theories, is often treated differently by courts and by the law in general.  Will this hold […]

Sports Briefs

American Needle v. NFL In what figures to be one of the most important sports law stories of the year, the case of American Needle v. NFL will be heard by the United States Supreme Court next week.  Michael McCann of Sports Law Blog has posted excerpts from an article by Greg Stohr on […]

NFL Offseason: National Football Litigation

It seems that there is no NFL offseason anymore.  With the NFL Draft, rookie camps, minicamps, OTAs, trade demands and other events, the NFL is always in the news.  Thanks to sites such as the National Football Post and Pro Football Talk, new NFL coverage and analysis is constantly available. In recent weeks, the NFL […]