Interview with Herm Sorcher, CEO of the Danbury Whalers

By Dan Canavan

In December 2009, an ambitious group of investors announced they were bringing a new minor-league hockey team to Danbury, Connecticut.  The Danbury Whalers will begin play this fall as part of the 4-team Federal Hockey League. I recently had a chance to sit down with Herm Sorcher, Chief Executive Officer and Managing General Partner of the team.  Here is an outtake from our conversation:

Dan Canavan: What is your vision of the game day experience at the Danbury Ice Arena?

Herm Sorcher: The game day experience is going to be tremendous. When you enter the arena, you are going to hear music that makes you tap your feet, and you’ll see entertaining videos on the scoreboard throughout the evening. You’ll have easy access to top of the line affordable food service, with hot hot dogs, and cold beers. And when you walk out of the arena, you are going to leave with something in your hand in the form of sponsorships, coupons to local businesses, and other giveaways. We are also going to have plenty of pre- and post-game player promotions, both at the arena and local establishments, in an effort to integrate the team and players into the community.

DC: How would you describe the market for minor league hockey in Danbury?

HS: The minor leagues sports business is a challenging market. People are generally excited about hockey in Danbury, and we are going to promise those fans the highest level of customer service. We will do whatever it takes for our fans to have a good time. I have worked in minor league professional sports for 20 years, and I am always asking how we can make the game a better experience. We are going to take care of our fans anyway we can, and we are going to put our best foot forward. But, don’t take my word for it. Watch what we do.

DC: What are your ticket price points?

HS: As a minor league professional hockey team, we are committed to fun and affordable family entertainment. Single game tickets will go on sale this Fall in the neighborhood of $8-$14. Season ticket prices are $350 for the entire season. We are presently taking fully refundable $50 deposits on season tickets. As a season ticket holder, you will always be guaranteed the best seat, at the lowest price in the house. Anyone interested in learning more about our season ticket packages should contact us at [email protected]

DC: How do you define success for the Danbury Whalers?

HS: Well, we want to put a good product on the ice, and play to a packed house. And, like all businesses, we want to be profitable. We want to have community support, and we want to have a high percentage of our season ticket holders and sponsors renew each season. We are in this for the long haul. We are committed.

Many thanks to Herm Sorcher for sharing his vision for minor league hockey in Danbury. We wish Herm and the Danbury Whalers all the success as they take the ice in November 2010. You can meet Herm and the entire Danbury Whalers front office tonight, February 11th, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Two Steps Downtown Grille at 5 Ives Street, Danbury, Connecticut. For more information on the Danbury Whalers, merchandise and ticket sales, visit You can also follow the franchise on Twitter at



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