Connecticut One Step Closer to Allowing MMA


Connecticut House Bill 5277, which would legalize mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting in the Nutmeg State, passed through the Connecticut General Assembly’s House of Representatives and will now be considered by the Senate.  Regarding the bill, House speaker J. Brendan Sharkey said: “We’re one of only two states in the country that does not regulate the sport, […]

California Continues to Advocate for Student-Athletes

The “Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act” recently went into effect in California and Connecticut, requiring colleges and universities in those states to post specific information concerning athletic scholarships on their athletic department websites.  The legislation, backed by the National College Players Association (“NCPA”), was intended to provide student-athletes and their parents a more complete picture […]

Framing the Issues: Concussions and Sports Law


Concussions are a pervasive topic in the area of sports today and rightly so.  Increased awareness concerning the dangers of concussions could prevent some of the serious health conditions that many current and former athletes have experienced.  Such awareness could also have a transformative effect on various aspects of sports from rules to equipment to coaching to […]

Friday Sports Briefs

UConn Prevails in FOIA Case The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling allowing the University of Connecticut to classify lists of donors and supporters, including season ticket holders for athletic teams, as trade secrets, allowing UConn to keep such information private.  Click here for a copy of the Court’s decision.  For the background […]

Laws Help Recruited Student-Athletes Ask the Right Questions


Sports Litigation Alert and Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics recently featured my article on the Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act in their November 2011 issues.  (Click on the following link to view the article in PDF: LICA 13-1 reprint Student-Athletes Right to Know Act).  I have also posted the article below.   My sincere thanks to Holt Hackney, publisher […]

Sports Business Students on O’Bannon v. NCAA

On Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of leading a discussion on O’Bannon v. NCAA and the right of publicity in Professor Rob Romano’s graduate sports law class at St. John’s University.  Here are some notes and observations that are worth sharing: When I spoke about O’Bannon with high school students, they were extremely familiar with […]

Athletic Programs Cut from Connecticut’s Technical Schools


It has been reported that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget plan includes cutting the athletic programs from Connecticut’s vocational-technical high schools (“Vo-Techs”), which are operated by the state.  16 Vo-Techs will lose their athletic programs indefinitely and 10,000 students could be affected. Under existing CIAC rules, students at Connecticut’s Vo-Techs would be eligible to compete at their hometown […]

Should Sports Agents be Subject to Felony Charges for Unethical Conduct?


Arkansas and Texas have attracted attention with legislative proposals regulating unethical sports agents.  Both states have considered proposals that would impose harsh criminal penalties upon agents who break the rules.  Under the Texas proposal, agents could be charged with felonies in connection with improper dealings with student-athletes and could be subject to a staggering 10-year prison sentence.  “Far too many […]


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