Sports Law Notes from “Elway to Marino”

ESPN’s 30 for 30 series has produced another fascinating film, “Elway to Marino”, produced by NFL Films and Ken Rodgers, which covers the 1983 NFL Draft and the six quarterbacks that were chosen in the first round. The story is told primarily through the eyes of sports lawyer and agent Marvin Demoff, who represented both Elway and […]

Johnny Football Sues T-Shirt Seller

Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has filed suit against a man selling T-shirts that read, “Keep Calm and Johnny Football.”’s Darren Rovell reports that Manziel claims trademark infringement. Manziel’s claim to trademark rights in his nickname, “Johnny Football”, presents an interesting situation under NCAA rules.  The NCAA prohibits a student-athlete […]

HBO’s Namath Documentary and Sports Business

I recently had the pleasure of watching the HBO Sports Documentary “Namath”, which provided a fascinating look at Joe Namath’s life, from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania to the University of Alabama to the New York Jets and beyond.  From a sports business perspective, there were a number of interesting notes: Namath’s contract negotiations came at a time when the […]

Does Tony LaRussa’s Legal Training Make Him a Better Manager?

When I was in law school and unsure of my career direction, I remember being told that “you can do anything with a law degree.”  Tony LaRussa, lawyer and manager of the World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals, provides a good example. Michael McCann of the Sports Law Blog has a very interesting post on […]

Why Pro Athletes Need a Team of Professional Advisors

I recently came across an article about a professional athlete who was driving his SUV and collided with another car.  The woman driving the other car suffered neck and back injuries.  This story is not particularly noteworthy, except for one fact.  The athlete’s liability insurance limits are a minimal $25,000 (in Connecticut drivers are required to maintain a minimum […]

Coors Sues Patriots over Skunked Beer Deal

Don Jeffrey at (via Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk) reports that MillerCoors LLC has filed a lawsuit against the New England Patriots alleging that the team reneged on an exclusive sponsorship contract, and instead, has pursued a more lucrative agreement with Anheuser-Busch InBev NV. Here’s an except of Jeffrey’s article: “We negotiated in good faith with the […]

Dan Fitzgerald Interviewed for The Legal Blitz

I was recently interviewed by Ben McKenna of The Legal Blitz, a sports law blog published by Ben McKenna and Steve Silver, students at Temple Law School.  The interview covered a wide range of topics, from how I became involved in sports law to issues in high school and college sports, including concussions and the use […]

Sports Law Careers: How to Get an Internship

In our Sports Law Careers series, we’ve explored  a number of issues facing those who envision a career in sports law or sports business.  Often times, one of the best suggestions is very simple: get an internship.  An internship can be invaluable for both the work experience and the professional contacts.  But the process of securing an […]