CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2012 – Part I

With 2012 coming to a close, I have compiled a list of the top story lines and accompanying blog posts from the past year.  Part I will list story lines 6 through 10; Part II will be posted on Monday and will include 2 through 5; and the top story line will be posted on Wednesday, […]

Oscar Pistorius: The Blade Runner

A few weeks ago, the London Olympics closed in a spectacular closing ceremony almost as grandiose as its opening.  Yet, for many, the dreams of world records and gold medals are not over.  On August 29th, the London 2012 Paralympics opened, bringing a record 4,200 athletes to London to compete in 20 events.  Although I […]

Warren Zola on “The Summer of Sports Law”

Warren Zola has posted an outstanding article on The Huffington Post concerning the legal events that have shaped the sports landscape during the summer of 2012.  From the Olympics, to Penn State, to the labor issues in professional sports, and beyond, Zola has it covered.  For those of us who teach sports law, Zola also provides a great starting […]

A True Celebration of Olympic Values: Athletes Without A Country

By John M. Burnor This year’s Olympics continue to be one of the most interesting and exciting sporting events in recent history.  Last week, I opined that some of the decisions made by those running the games seemed to contradict the purpose and spirit of the games.  This week, I turn to an IOC decision that […]

Upholding Olympic Values

By John M. Burnor The Olympics are fundamentally about the promotion of harmony through athletic endeavors and providing a showcase for great athletic achievements.  The Olympic charter states that “the goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view of promoting a peaceful society concerned with […]