Howard Baldwin Brings the Whalers to Hartford – 35 Years Later

By Dan Canavan Thirty-five years ago today, the Whalers played their first game in Hartford on January 11, 1975.  Somewhere in the then new Hartford Civic Center, Whalers founder Howard Baldwin was busy greeting fans, receiving accolades, and entertaining community leaders.  Baldwin had just uprooted his World Hockey Association squad from Boston, and moved the […]

CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2009: Part II

Here are Connecticut Sports Law’s top story lines of 2009, from 2 through 5.  Click here to see 6 through 10. 2.   Oliver v. NCAA.  Does a student-athlete have a right to legal counsel when negotiating a contract with a Major League Baseball Team?  A Ohio judge thinks so, but the NCAA disagrees.  Although this […]

Hartford Whalers Trademark: Who Owns The Rights?

With the introduction of retro Hartford Whalers jerseys to the market, questions concerning the rights to the mark “Hartford Whalers” abound. The prevailing thought appears to be that the City of Hartford or State of Connecticut owned the trademark rights to “Hartford Whalers” but let the registration expire this summer.  There is confusion over whether the rights […]

Will Perez Arrest Stall NHL to Hartford Movement?

Last week Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez was in the news for meeting with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to express the city’s interest in hosting a NHL franchise.  This week Perez is in the news again - for his arrest on corruption charges. The question for Whalers fans and Connecticut sports fans in general, is how […]

Making the Case for Bringing the NHL Back to Hartford

By Dan Canavan  Although many have weighed in on the likelihood of the NHL’s return to Hartford, few have examined what the city can offer to an NHL franchise.  While a new downtown arena is crucial to lure the NHL, Hartford has much more to offer.  Here are two of Hartford’s primary selling points: 1.  […]

Will the NHL Return to Hartford?

Last week’s meeting between Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman renewed excitement for the return of an NHL team to the City of Hartford.  Although the fact that Bettman took a meeting with Perez is intriguing, the question on the minds of Connecticut sports fans is  whether anything has changed in Hartford’s pursuit of a replacement for […]

CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2008

As we approach the end of Connecticut Sports Law’s inaugural year, I have compiled a list of the top story lines and accompanying blog posts from 2008.  Thank you for your readership and support and I look forward to another year covering the intersection of sports and the law. 1.  UConn and Notre Dame agree to […]

A New Hartford Civic Center: Fantasy or Reality?

It seems that ever since the City of Hartford lost the NHL’s Whalers, stories have circulated about Hartford making a play for another NHL team.  Most recently, real estate developer Lawrence Gottesdiener attempted to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins and move them to Hartford.  The NHL did not appear too excited about the prospects of bringing professional hockey […]