Friday Sports Briefs

NFL Antitrust Case Heard by Supreme Court I have the pleasure of teaching Sports Law at Quinnipiac University School of Law this semester.  One of the early themes has been how sports law, despite being based on traditional legal theories, is often treated differently by courts and by the law in general.  Will this hold […]

Sports Briefs

American Needle v. NFL In what figures to be one of the most important sports law stories of the year, the case of American Needle v. NFL will be heard by the United States Supreme Court next week.  Michael McCann of Sports Law Blog has posted excerpts from an article by Greg Stohr on […]

Monday Sports Briefs

Manhattan DA: Burress Will Serve Jail Time Plaxico Burress, the former New York Giants receiver will serve jail time, whether he goes to trial or submits a plea, in connection with charges for criminal possession of a gun, according to the Associated Press.  ESPN’s Mike and Mike reported that Burress’ trial will not commence until […]

NBA Draft Approaches, One and Done Discussion Continues

With the NBA Draft being held tonight, the issue of the “one and-done” college basketball player is once again in focus.  Marc Isenberg, publisher of the blog Money Players, has written frequently written on this topic.  Here’s an excerpt from his latest post: On one hand, it is absurd to get completely bent out of […]

CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2008

As we approach the end of Connecticut Sports Law’s inaugural year, I have compiled a list of the top story lines and accompanying blog posts from 2008.  Thank you for your readership and support and I look forward to another year covering the intersection of sports and the law. 1.  UConn and Notre Dame agree to […]

Income of $2 million, Taxes of $5 million?

By Marilee Corr Clark, Esq. Tax law is not normally associated with sports law.  However, a tax provision that still seems relatively unknown could easily cause a professional athlete to owe more in taxes than he has received in a given year.  The tax provision is Code § 409A, which was enacted in October, 2004 […]

Can They Take My Tickets? The Legal Rights of Sports Teams and Fans

Fan conduct is under the microscope.  Collegiate Athletic Directors, especially in basketball and football, have been trying to come up with solutions to fan behavior that often includes foul language, offensive signs, and personal taunts of opposing players.  The NFL recently instituted a “Fan Code of Conduct.”  These developments have some fans asking the question “what […]

Sports Briefs: $66 Million Moped Ride; UConn’s Brown Featured in Sports Illustrated

NBA guard Monta Ellis has placed his new 6-year, $66 million contract with the Golden State Warriors in jeopardy.  Ellis told the team that he injured his ankle earlier this summer during a pickup basketball game.  His injuries however, were inconsistent with typical basketball injuries.  And for good reason – Ellis was injured in a moped mishap.  Ellis’ riding of a moped is a […]