Can Rule-Abiding Players Sue Alleged Cheaters? English Soccer Squabble May Hold the Answers

Imagine if Mike Greenwell sued Jose Canseco for the loss of endorsements that Greenwell would have received had he won Major League Baseball’s MVP award in 1988, rather than the artificially enhanced Canseco.  And what if Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and some of their St. Louis Rams teammates sued the New England Patriots on the grounds that the team’s […]

MLS: Who owns David Beckham?

The latest development in the David Beckham situation is a compromise that would allow Beckham to finish the season with AC Milan and return to MLS and the LA Galaxy for the balance of its season.  The deal has been described as curious.  But for those who do not follow MLS closely, there is much confusion […]

Ben Berger Launches Footiebusiness Blog

Ben Berger, who serves as Connecticut Sports Law’s resident soccer expert, recently launched his own blog,  Here is a description of Ben’s new blog: At, we hope to cover the intersection of soccer and money by examining the sponsorships, contracts, labor agreements and financing that are an integral part of the sport we […]

Should Beckham Be Released from MLS Contract to Join AC Milan?

With David Beckham’s long rumored transfer to AC Milan seemingly imminent (yesterday MLS had just rejected a $10 million transfer, but negotiations are continuing), it is worth examining the implications of the move.  First, a little background:  Beckham came to the L.A. Galaxy on a “free” in 2007 after finishing out his contract with Real […]

Income of $2 million, Taxes of $5 million?

By Marilee Corr Clark, Esq. Tax law is not normally associated with sports law.  However, a tax provision that still seems relatively unknown could easily cause a professional athlete to owe more in taxes than he has received in a given year.  The tax provision is Code § 409A, which was enacted in October, 2004 […]

Can They Take My Tickets? The Legal Rights of Sports Teams and Fans

Fan conduct is under the microscope.  Collegiate Athletic Directors, especially in basketball and football, have been trying to come up with solutions to fan behavior that often includes foul language, offensive signs, and personal taunts of opposing players.  The NFL recently instituted a “Fan Code of Conduct.”  These developments have some fans asking the question “what […]

Thank You To Ben Berger

Many thanks to Ben Berger for keeping the Connecticut Sports Law seat warm over the last two weeks.  Ben illuminated a few intriguing MLS issues as well as Nate Miles’ expulsion from UConn. Please join me in encouraging Ben to contribute more articles by posting a comment below.

MLS Drug Suspension for Conway and Parke

I never intended to make consecutive soccer related posts, but the breaking news out of New York deserves some attention.  For the first time in MLS history, the League has handed down a suspension for use of performance enhancing drugs (the League has had its drug policy for 9 years).    New York Red Bulls Goalkeeper […]