Can You Pursue Sports As A Career? How?

Look at the sponsorships for events like the EPL, Wimbledon, the F1 races, PGA tours, and the IPL, Kabbadi League, and ISL closer to home. There’s so much money and glamour associated with the sports industry, making it almost next to fashion in terms of appeal and fame. 

The time is right to enter the world of sports, whether as an athlete or otherwise. Making sports a career is wise if you are passionate and willing to learn more about it. And to have a successful career in sports, you don’t have to be a start sportsperson yourself. You could be involved as a sports counselor, sports agent, sports manager, or even sports writer.

There’s no reason to believe that you will sell yourself short by opting for a career in sports when you are not an athlete. While the dream of earning millions and having fans drooling over you on the field can be enticing, you can hope to make a good living by being involved in the industry. Today, sports organizations look for qualified and passionate candidates with fundamental knowledge of the game and expertise in management, marketing, and sales.

How to make a career in sports:

  • Marketing: If you have good communication and writing skills, you can find a job as a  sports marketing and communications professional. This profession allows you to share your passion for sports with those around you.
  • Journalist: If you have a flair for writing, you can choose sports journalism as a career. Whether you become a news anchor, sports commentator, blogger, or newspaper journalist, you can use your knowledge and expertise in sports. A degree in communications or journalism can be a stepping stone for this career.
  • Public relations: Those who have excellent verbal skills can find jobs as PR personnel for sports teams. You represent your favorite sportsperson, sports team, or venue as an ambassador. You must advertise, promote, and manage sports events and ensure coverage for these across maximum news channels. Networking skills are necessary to become a successful sports PR person.
  • Sports announcer: You must have seen TV sports announcers covering your favorite matches. Look at their energy, wit, and expertise! If you have these qualities, you can be an announcer yourself. You can work for the TV or radio and cover sports events in different places. A background in journalism and public speaking may be an added advantage.
  • Videographer: For those with a photography eye, staying behind the camera can be a good way of working in this industry. Videographers will be at the center of action everywhere because they bring the game to your screens. You can study filmmaking or video production to become a successful sports videographer.
  • Sports manager: If you have leadership skills and are willing to work long hours, you can become a sports agent or manager. This career lets you manage the careers of successful athletes and teams, negotiate contracts on their behalf, and handle their engagements.
  • Fitness trainer: Those with a background in sports medicine can become sports psychologists, fitness trainers, and physiotherapists.

Sports as an industry has much to offer if you are willing to work hard for it. Even if you don’t have the capabilities and skills of an athlete, you can choose a sports-related career that gives you ample opportunities to show your strengths.