About CT Sports Law

© Dan Fitzgerald, 2008

© Dan Fitzgerald, 2008

“Connecticut Sports Law covers issues largely ignored by the mainstream sports media, and provides a unique perspective to its readers.  This blog really appeals to sports fans, student athletes,  and sports professionals who want more than just the scores.” -Robert J. Romano, Connecticut Attorney and President of the Romano Sports Agency

Connecticut Sports Law examines the intersection of sports and the law, inevitably touching upon the business of sports as well.  The breadth and depth of society’s interest in sports has changed dramatically.  Today’s sports fans seek more than the scores, the betting lines and the injury reports.  Athletes are more aware of the legal and business issues that control the rapidly expanding sports industry.  Colleges and universities now operate in a culture that grasps the concepts of NCAA compliance and institutional control.  Professional sports seek to protect their business models and revenue streams while potential franchise owners seek refuge from the courts.

As the sports industry continues to grow, legal issues will become more prevalent and examined more closely.  Connecticut Sports Law will provide insight, opinion and information on the law and business of sports, which has become inseparable from the sports themselves.



  1. sushilla jadoonanan says:

    I would love to hear about any upcoming courses in sport law.

  2. With the recent incident involving Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and Memphis University, how can the University be held liable / responsible for him cheating on a High School entrance exam. And, if they are caught cheating, shouldn’t there be a contract written between the school and athlete that the student admits to all grades / tests taken before entering that institution?

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