PAC-12 Leads Student-Athlete Focused Reforms

PAC12The PAC-12 has adopted a set of reforms designed to increase benefits and protections for student-athletes.  The reforms include:

  • guaranteed four-year scholarships
  • a return to school program for athletes who do not graduate
  • liberalized intra-conference transfer rules
  • enhanced medical coverage for current and former athletes
  • increased athlete representation at PAC-12 meetings

Jon Solomon of has the story:

The changes voted on by Pac-12 presidents and chancellors appear to be the most progressive package put forward by a conference, although they are measures that could have previously been adopted by schools or conferences. The changes come at a time when the Power 5 conferences have the autonomy to vote on and create their own benefits as college sports faces ongoing litigation threats over how athletes are treated and compensated.

Click here to read Solomon’s story in its entirety.

The PAC-12’s reforms come in the wake of some Division I schools providing increased benefits, such as guaranteed scholarships.  I personally would like to see more changes to transfer rules, along the lines of my proposal in 2012.


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