Guaranteed Scholarships Coming to (Some) D-1 Schools

Football-MoneyOver the course of the last few months Maryland, South Carolina and Indiana have announced that they will offer guaranteed scholarships to certain student-athletes.  Although other schools have yet to announce their plans, every Division I recruit and current Division I athlete should use this opportunity to ask whether their scholarship offer, or scholarship, will now be guaranteed.  The details of these programs are likely to vary among schools.  Accordingly, a recruit should ask for all of the details in writing and should ask the following questions:

  • What is the scholarship guaranteed against - injury, sub par performance, coaching changes, leaving school to play professionally, etc.?
  • Does the guaranty include a 5th year, if needed to graduate?
  • Under what circumstances can the school take away the scholarship?
  • Does the acceptance of a guaranteed scholarship the ability to transfer?
  • And if recruited by a school that does not offer a guaranteed scholarship, a recruit should ask why not!

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