Kansas State Finally Grants Release to Romero

RomeroOn Tuesday, Kansas State provided Leticia Romero with a waiver to transfer to any school outside the Big 12, ending what ESPN.com called “an embarrassing spat.”

Kansas State initially denied Romero a waiver due to suspected tampering by the former coaching staff of Kansas State and sustained the denial on appeal.  Subsequently, athletic director John Currie requested that Romero be granted her appeal because he found no evidence of tampering.  Kansas State then overruled its own athletic director, claiming that the decision of the appeals committee was final and there was no procedure for revisiting these decisions.  Kansas State now claims that it has changed its policy to allow decisions to be reversed.

Adding to my prior post, here are some of my takeaways:

1.  The idea that student-athletes can be punished because of tampering by coaches is ridiculous.  If Kansas State believed that its former coaching staff was trying to influence Romero, it should have addressed it with the coaches and/or NCAA.  Punishing Romero was the easy way out and flat-out wrong.

2.  Athletic director John Currie had the ability to avoid this mess, but he didn’t.  However, he deserves some credit for having the courage to reverse his decision and push for a release once he investigated the facts.

3.  Romero was represented by Don Jackson, an Alabama sports attorney.  There is no doubt in my mind that Romero needed an attorney to represent her in this matter and Attorney Jackson was clearly successful. 

4.  Recruits need to look closely at a school’s history in dealing with transfer requests. 


  1. Shona Ruth says:

    Please send me a list of Attorneys who
    accept Prospective Student Athlete cases

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