Friday Sports Briefs: College Players Union Edition

Doyel: Players Union Will Not Ruin College Sports

Gregg Doyel of takes issue with what he calls the “DEFCON 1 scare tactics” that NCAA and conference leaders have used to argue against the formation of unions in college sports.

John Calipari Compares NCAA to Soviet Union

Kentucky coach John Calipari takes issue with the NCAA in his new book, comparing the organization to the former Soviet Union. has the story.

Grantland Tackles Union Issues

Grantland’s Brian Phillips does a great job explaining the NLRB’s ruling in the Northwestern case.

Mike & Mike Debate College Players Union with Seth Myers

ESPN Radio’s Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic were recently guests on Late Night With Seth Meyers.  At around the 4:00 mark, Mike & Mike debated whether college football players should unionize (Greenberg is for and Golic is against a union, and Meyers, who seems well-versed on these issues, made some great points).  This is worth a watch.



  1. Daniel Patrick says:

    Some fantastic poits were brought up by Mike & Mike on LateNight. Lets face it; it’s going to happen. Thanks for posting.

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