UConn Basketball, the AAC and John Calipari

hc-uconn-logo-20130404-011Congratulations to the UConn men and women’s basketball teams, which both advanced to their respective national championship games to be played on Monday and Tuesday night.  Here a couple of UConn stories from the Hartford Courant with sports business/sports law connections:

Jeff Jacobs writes that UConn deserves a bigger stage than the American Athletic Conference.

Dom Amore and Paul Doyle have a good story on Kentucky’s John Calipari, his controversial methods and his UConn ties.  Amore and Doyle write:

A realist who deals with college athletics as they are, rather as people want them to be, a sincere authority figure, a cagey coach or slick seller of snake oil, Calipari’s definition is in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve often seen Calipari as a realist and recall that he was willing to provide recruits with an escape clause from the National Letter of Intent which would be triggered if he left the university (he was at Memphis at the time).  The NCAA subsequently revised the NLI to prohibit such a practice.


  1. I wathing for UConn sport progress for a long time, and can say that this team will show rich great goals. They working on team spirit, improving their skills. I can’t find their official web site, maybe somebody know?

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