Friday Sports Briefs

UConn FlagUConn, Danbury Whalers Eye Championship

The UConn men’s basketball team competes in the Final Four this weekend in Dallas, tipping off against Florida on Saturday eveningThe UConn women’s basketball team will also compete in the Final Four, playing Stanford on Sunday nightLast but not least, the Danbury Whalers look to defend their Federal Hockey League Championship on Saturday.  Best of luck to the UConn men and women and to the Danbury Whalers!

Mark Emmert Criticized for Low Profile

Nancy Armour of USA Today has some harsh criticism of NCAA President Mark Emmert for keeping a relatively low profile during trying times for the NCAAArmour writes that the NCAA fails to grasp the situation that it is facing:

Like it or not, the collegiate athletic system is going to change — drastically. But rather than being proactive and taking the lead, Emmert and the NCAA seem content to let others dictate their fate.

Click here to read the article in its entiretyLink from Twitter, @JayBilas.

Florida State Investigated Over Winston Allegations

Rachel Axon of USA Today Sports reported that the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has opened an investigation of Florida State University over its handling of the allegations of rape against quarterback Jameis Winston.



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