UConn Fires Coach Pasqualoni, Will Pay Buyout

PPUConn dismissed head football coach Paul Pasqualoni on Monday, following a 41-12 loss to Buffalo.  Although Pasqualoni’s eventual dismissal appeared inevitable in light of the Huskies’ 0-4 start, which includes a loss to Towson State and a missed opportunity to upset Michigan, the timing was a surprise in that a change was made mid-season.  Offensive Coordinator T.J. Weist will serve as interim head coach.

Pasqualoni’s tenure got off to a rough start when the university’s football supporter, Robert G. Burton, demanded the return of a $3 million donation because he was not consulted regarding the hiring of Pasqualoni.  Two losing seasons ensued before this year’s 0-4 start.

Here are a few legal and business notes in connection with Pasqualoni’s dismissal:

Will Pasqualoni Receive a Buyout?

Yes, under his agreement with UConn he will receive $750,000.  Apparently there was no question that UConn would pay him the full buyout as UConn included the details of the buyout in its own press release.

Why Wasn’t Pasqualoni dismissed after last season?

UConn Athletic Director Warde Manuel stated that a change was not made after last season because he believed that the program was headed in the right direction.  However, there was also a financial consideration.  Had UConn dismissed Pasqualoni after last season but before December 31, 2012, he would have been entitled to a $1,000,000 buyout.

How Will UConn Attract an Up and Coming Coach?

Many fans are concerned as to whether UConn can attract a top coach given its position in the fledgling American Athletic Conference.  Certainly the job is less prestigious than it was a few years ago.  However, there are plenty of football coaches willing to accept $1 million plus to coach at UConn.  To attract and retain an up and coming coach, UConn might consider some unique contractual provisions, such as a dream job clause and retention bonus in lieu of a buyout clause.


  1. mike baribault says:

    thank you the bleeding may stop now. the good thing is any coach that could pieces the team together and work as a teram will do much better than pasqualoni

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