Aaron Hernandez Charged with Murder: Legal and Local Perspectives

After his arrest and release from the New England Patriots yesterday morning, former Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged yesterday afternoon with the murder of Odin Lloyd.  The arraignment of Hernandez, in which assistant district attorney Bill McCauley outlined a timeline that placed Hernandez with the victim and at the scene of the crime, was broadcast over the internet. 

With seemingly every news outlet covering this story, I have come across two must-read articles.  The first is an article on the legal issues facing Hernandez by SI.com’s Michael McCannMcCann covers the incriminating evidence, defense strategies, whether others will be charged and the admissibility of Hernandez’s past transgressions.  Of the next steps in the case, McCann writes:

While the evidence articulated by McCauley paints Hernandez in a guilty light,  law enforcement will now have to share evidence with Hernandez’s attorneys as part of the pretrial discovery process.  Hernandez’s attorneys will scrutinize all aspects of the evidence, including how it was obtained, examined and stored.  They will look for any ways to cast doubt. Also expect his attorneys to challenge the police’s alleged timeline of events.  Along those lines, defense counsel will probably offer an alibi as to Hernandez’s whereabouts when Lloyd  was killed.  Hernandez also has the financial resources to hire DNA experts and others with technical skills who will rebut the prosecution’s science.  Remember  an obvious point but crucial: Hernandez does not have to prove that he is  innocent; he only has to provide enough doubt that jurors don’t believe the prosecution’s case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Click here to read McCann’s article in its entirety.

The second article offers a local perspective from the Hartford Courant’s Jeff Jacobs.  Jacobs writes that Hernandez had everything except for courage:

Worse than allegedly destroying home surveillance cameras and obstructing justice to cover up for the murder of Lloyd by his so-called friends — something many of us thought would happen — prosecutor William McCauley charged that Hernandez “orchestrated the execution.” Whether he ultimately is found guilty or innocent of murder, Hernandez — sadly — has shown himself to be a thug with alligator arms.

Click here to read Jacobs’ article in its entirety.


  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Being a Patriot’s fan myself, I am very interested in what will happen with this case. It’s always a shame with a public figure you admire takes a turn for the worse if you will. Thanks for sharing.


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