Questions that All Recruits Should Ask Regarding Transfers

istock_000003705748small15NCAA transfer rules are in need of reform. But given the current situation, how can a recruit avoid potential issues should he or she wish to transfer at a later date?

Ask every coach and athletic director about the school’s policy concerning transfers.  Here are some suggested questions:

  • Will the coach and athletic director commit to providing a release if you decide to seek a transfer?  (This is not unheard of - SMU football coach June Jones reportedly handles transfers this way).
  • Will the coach and athletic director allow you to transfer to any school or only certain schools?
  • If the coach and/or athletic director leave the school, will the school keep any promises that it makes to you?
  • Will the coach and/or athletic director provide you with the transfer policy and any promises regarding the transfer policy in writing?
  • If the school is located in California or Connecticut, ask to see the Student-Athlete’s Right to Know disclosure.


  1. […] 6.  The topic of NCAA Transfer Rules has captured the attention of the general media.  Although these rules are in dire need of change, we offered some tips for navigating the current system. […]

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