Friday Sports Briefs

car-washingNCAA Sanctions Student-Athlete for Car Wash

The NCAA continues to lose credibility, as it was reported that a member of a women’s golf team at a West Coast Conference school was sanctioned by the NCAA for washing her car on campusThe student-athlete was required to pay the school $20 – the value of the water and the hose. 

Thanks to longtime reader Brian McLaughlin for the link to ESPN’s story.

Paterno Family Sues NCAA’s Lester Munson has written an excellent piece on the lawsuit that the family of the late Joe Paterno filed against the NCAAHere’s an excerpt of the article:

There is nothing subtle or nuanced about the lawsuit. It is nothing less than a frontal assault on everything Erickson and NCAA president Mark Emmert tried to accomplish in their mutual efforts to bring the Sandusky scandal to a conclusion and to move forward.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

NFL Draft To be Held in May

Warren K. Zola of the Sports Law Blog writes how agents, players, team and league personnel, and fans will be affected by the NFL’s decision to move the draft back two weeks to May 8-10The move is due to a scheduling conflict at Radio City.


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