Friday Sports Briefs

Football-MoneyAre College Athletic Departments Really Losing Money?

Warren Zola has an interesting post on the Sports Law Blog regarding the often repeated claim that Division I athletic departments are losing money.  An expert in the O’Bannon v. NCAA case says that the purported losses are merely a result of creative accounting.  Zola also includes links to two motions recently filed in O’Bannon v. NCAA.

Quinnipiac Title IX Case Brings Women’s Golf Team

Rob Harris over at the Golf Dispute Resolution Blog writes how the Title IX litigation over the elimination of Quinnipiac University’s women’s volleyball team led to the creation of a women’s golf team.  The team recently finished a respectable 7th out of the 11 teams competing at the Northeast Conference championships.

NCAA Recruiting Changes on Hold

Mitch Sherman of writes that the NCAA Division I Board of Directors has suspended rule changes that would have allowed unlimited text messaging from college coaches to football recruitsSherman also notes other rule changes that have been put on the shelf.

Sidebar: I had the opportunity to attend Fairfield University’s First Annual St. Bellarmine Pre-Law Society Dinner last night and met a few students who read Connecticut Sports Law.  Thanks for reading and best of luck on finals!

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