The Connecticut Whale Era is Over

The Connecticut Whale era has ended, as the team announced plans to return to its previous nickname, the Wolf Pack (for reasons unknown, according to Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant).  The name change appears to signal an official break from the second Howard Baldwin administration, which was overcome by a bad lease and unanticipated expenses from the 2011 outdoor hockey festival, Whalerfest, according to the Courant’s Paul Doyle.

This development also signals that the dream of a NHL franchise returning to Hartford is effectively over, at least for the near future.  Although Baldwin’s Connecticut Whale experiment was ultimately unsuccessful, it injected some energy into the Connecticut hockey scene and provided some interesting topics for Connecticut Sports Law.  Here are some of the top Whale-related posts, written by Dan Canavan:

Howard Baldwin Brings the Whalers to Hartford – 35 Years Later

Making the Case for Bringing the NHL Back to Hartford

Whale Bowl Brings Bitter Cold, Uncertain Effect on Hartford Hockey

From the Vault: Why Not Us? – Five Things Hartford Needs to Be Major League Again


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