Friday Sports Briefs: NFL Draft Edition

UConn Football and the NFL Draft

NFL Draft RCJim Fuller of the Connecticut Post has a good article on the success of UConn football players in  the NFL Draft as well as coverage of the Huskies, including Dwayne Gratz and Blidi Wreh-Wilsonwho are expected to be selected in this year’s Draft.

Facts and Figures from the NFL Draft’s First Round

Darren Heitner has taken a look at some the numbers, from a sports business perspective, involved with the first round of the NFL Draft, which was held last night.

Keith Bulluck’s Message to Draftees

Keith Bulluck, former Tennessee Titans linebacker, has written an excellent piece for CNN concerning an important issue for newly drafted players: managing their finances.  Here is an excerpt of Bulluck’s piece:

Starting tonight, hundreds of young men will be anxiously waiting for their phones to ring with an NFL head coach on the other end saying they were just selected to play in the league. That call validates all the hard work and understanding of the game, but it doesn’t teach you how to manage the wealth and business decisions that come with it.

I briefly covered this issue in a post entitled ESPN’s “Broke” Shows that Athletes Need Team of Advisors.

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