Danbury Whalers Win the Commissioner’s Cup

Danbury Whalers Opening NightCongratulations to the Danbury Whalers, who won the Federal Hockey League (FHL) championship (the Commissioner’s Cup) on Friday night by completing a sweep of the Dayton Demonz.  A special congratulations to Herm Sorcher, Managing Partner and CEO, and Alan Friedman, President and CFO.  I have worked with Herm and Alan before the team played a single game in Danbury and have been duly impressed with their passion, drive and the product that they have brought to Danbury. 

I often refer to Herm as the hardest working man in sports.  If you are a student interested in a career in sports, attend a Danbury Whalers game next season and watch the guy in the green sweater.  He does everything from greeting fans, to running promotions in between periods, to handing out chuck-a-puck prize money, to supervising the in-game operations.

When the team first came to Danbury, Dan Canavan sat down with Herm for an interview – click here to read it.

The team is holding a party for fans on Thursday, March 28th from 7 – 9 pm.  The party location will be at the Danbury Ice Arena on One Independence Way in the Whalers team locker room.


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