Should Emmert Take Responsibility for NCAA’s Actions?’s Dana O’Neil has written an interesting piece on the fallout from the NCAA’s improper actions in the investigation of the University of Miami

O’Neil examines the situation through the perspective of the NCAA’s treatment of head coaches – the NCAA holds coaches strictly liable for violations committed by their staff, even if they were not aware of the violations.  Emmert, however, appears reluctant to apply the same standard to himself as President of the NCAA. 

O’Neil writes as follows:

So far on Emmert’s watch, the NCAA has bungled and fumbled multiple investigations (Cam Newton, Shabazz Muhammad and now Miami); fired two NCAA investigators; saw the exits of two enforcement administrators (director of enforcement Bill Benjamin resigned in June, just eight months after taking the job); and gone well outside of its own rulebook and sidestepped due process to punish Penn State, which generated a lawsuit from none other than the state of Pennsylvania.

Yet Emmert continues to pontificate from his self-righteous pulpit, ironically employing the same line of defense that forced the NCAA to enact the new rule for head coaches:

“I knew nothing.”

Click here to read O’Neil’s article in its entirety.

What do you think?  Should Mark Emmert hold himself to the same standard to which NCAA head coaches are held?

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