Friday Sports Briefs

Nerlens Noel Injury

The knee injury suffered by Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel has prompted discussion about the NBA’s rule requiring players to wait one year after high school graduation before entering the NBA Draft.  Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports discusses the “charade” of  the one and done ruleWarren K. Zola discusses the rule on the Sports Law BlogZach Schonbrun of the New York Times discusses the NCAA rules involving insurance for players like Noel.

“It is time to wake up”

Warren K. Zola has posted an outstanding piece on the Huffington Post entitled “The Illusion of Amateurism is College Athletics” in which he discusses the outdated concept of amateurism and the winds of change that are blowing in college sports.

The Paternos Take Aim at the Freeh Report

The attorneys hired by the family of the late Joe Paterno have released their findings with respect to the Freeh report.  Christian Dennie has a recap of the reports on the College Sports Law Blog.  In addition, Michael McCann of the Sports Law Blog and Sports Illustrated appeared on the Katie Couric Show to discuss the Penn State case.  Here’s the video (via the Sports Law Blog):

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