Monday Sports Briefs

obannonI wasn’t able to post Friday Sports Briefs last week.  In its place, here is Monday Sports Briefs:

O’Bannon Scores Again Against NCAA

The plaintiffs in O’Bannon v. NCAA (In re: Student-Athlete Likeness Litigation) scored another victory over the NCAA.  The NCAA sought to prevent the plaintiffs from pursuing a cut of live broadcast revenues, but its motion was denied, significantly increasing the amount of money at stake in the case.  Tom Farrey of has the story.

Click here for CT Sports Law’s coverage of the O’Bannon case.

Weight Clauses and Professional Sports

Michael McCann has an interesting round up of weight-related clauses in the contracts of professional athletes on the Sports Law Blog.

Maryland Sues ACC Over Exit Fee

The Attorney General for the State of Maryland has filed suit against the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) over the $50 million exit fee for which Maryland is responsible after joining the Big 10.  According to Christian Dennie of the College Sports Law Blog, the Attorney General claims that the fee is unenforceable.

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