Thank You to Quinnipiac Law School

Qu LawLast night, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion on legal issues in college sports at Quinnipiac University Law School.  The event, hosted by the Sports and Entertainment Law Society and Career Services, was outstanding. 

Tracey Flynn, Associate Athletic Director at Quinnipiac University offered great perspective on NCAA compliance issues and proposed rule changes.  Professor Rob Romano helped moderate the panel and asked some provocative questions as to whether enough is being done to assist student-athletes in light of the money that is involved with college sports.  Football coach Matt Hamme, drove home the point that big-time college sports, for coaches, is not all about the money – it is about winning first.  I was able to discuss my plan to change NCAA transfer rules.

Thank you to Quinnipiac Law School, in particular Sundas Saeed, Rebecca Markley, Richard Stannard III and Kyle Buonocore of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society and Kathy Kuhar, Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services for organizing this event.

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