Friday Sports Briefs

McCann on Lance Armstrong’s Admission to Oprah

Michael McCann of and Sports Law Blog has written a comprehensive article on the impact of Lance Armstrong’s confession to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs.  McCann opines that the interview did nothing to help his marketability or legal interests.

Legal Aspects of Manti Te’o Story

ESPN’s Lester Munson covers the civil and criminal issues involved in the bizarre story involving the hoax involving Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo and his supposed girlfriend.  Although it appears that no laws were broken, it would appear that Te’o, if he was truly the victim of a hoax, would have a civil cause of action.  The value of such a cause of action could increase significantly if his draft status is diminished greatly by the story.

Ticket Holder Sues San Antonio Spurs

A lawyer who bought a ticket for a Miami Heat-San Antonio Spurs game is suing the Spurs because the team rested its top players on the night  that he attended the game.  Darren Heitner of has the story.  Buying a ticket to a game provides only provides a fan the right to attend the game - an issue that I covered in the post “Can They Take My Tickets?  The Legal Rights of Sports Teams and Fans.”

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