NCAA Considering Changes to Transfer Rules

Connecticut Sports Law’s top sports law story line of 2012 was the needed reform of NCAA transfer rules.  Earlier in the year, I posted A Working Proposal to Change NCAA Transfer Rules, in which I suggested various changes to transfer rules, including the “Year  in Residence Rule.”  Here’s what I had to say:

ncaaYear in Residence

Under current NCAA rules, a student-athlete typically must spend a “year in residence” (sit out one year) after transferring, with some limited exceptions.  These exceptions (such as the one-time transfer exception) should remain, but an academic exception should be instituted.  Any student-athlete with a GPA of 3.0 or higher should be able to play immediately at the new school.  After all, shouldn’t academic performance be rewarded?

Last week, John Infante of the Bylaw Blog reported that the NCAA Division I Leadership Council published a set of principles for updated transfer rules, including a rule allowing student-athletes who qualify for the transfer exemption in the APR (reportedly a 2.6 GPA) to play immediately at the new school.  The Leadership Council also is exploring a change that would allow a transfer who does not receive permission to contact other schools to receive scholarships from the new school.  For more on the Leadership Council’s proposed changes to NCAA transfer rules, click here.

Although this proposal is still under consideration, the news is encouraging. It appears that the NCAA  is ready to address recent inequities for student-athletes in the transfer process.  After all, why should a student-athlete in good academic standing be punished for transferring?


  1. Blain Larcheveque says:

    My daughter is transfering from Glastonbury to RHAM. She was in the Agriculture program in Glastonbury and was unhappy being in the program because she had to take an Ag class every semester. She wanted to leave the program to have the option to take some video classes and go back to her home town school for the acedemics reasons. She is a 4.3 student and is in the jazz band and marching band. Even with skipping her lunch period to be able to take the band class she had not free time for the Video Class.

    She was ranked 4th on the Cross Country team and Glastonbury this year would be ranked #1 preseason. Her decision took 6 weeks to decide to go back to RHAM. No she might be punished in the CC season for her choice. The Transfer rule seems to be set up for kids going to a premire sports school, but does not address leaving to go back to you home town school for acedemic reasons.

    I am trying to found out where to go to make should she can compete and not be punished for her decision.

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