CT Sports Law’s Top Story Line of 2012

transfer guide1.  Although college coaches are essentially free to move from school to school (often with the payment of a buyout provision, or some portion thereof), student-athletes remain hamstrung by NCAA transfer rules, which limit their athletic opportunities.  Starting with the 2011 stories involving Todd O’Brien, Brock Berglund and Danny O’Brien, CT Sports Law examined NCAA transfer rules in 2012 and drafted a working proposal to reform these rules.

A Working Proposal to Change NCAA Transfer Rules

“Another Outrage” Concerning NCAA Transfer Rules

Advocating Change of NCAA Transfer Rules

SMU’s June Jones Treats Transfers Right

For the rest of the top story lines of 2011, click here for 2-5; and here for 6-10.


  1. […] Connecticut Sports Law’s top sports law story line of 2012 was the needed reform of NCAA tran….  Earlier in the year, I posted A Working Proposal to Change NCAA Transfer Rules, in which I suggested various changes to transfer rules, including the “Year  in Residence Rule.”  Here’s what I had to say: […]

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