CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2012 - Part II

2012Here are Connecticut Sports Law’s top story lines of 2012, from 2 through 5.  Click here to see 6 through 10.

2.  Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel and the trademark rights to his nickname, “Johnny Football.”

Heisman Saturday: “Johnny Football” Raises Trademark, NCAA Issues

Discussing “Johnny Football” and Trademark Law

3.  The pivotal class action lawsuit led by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon seeks to expand its class to include current NCAA student-athletes and continues to inch towards trial.

O’Bannon Turns Up the Heat on NCAA

O’Bannon v. NCAA Update

Marist Logo4.  Marist University prevails in lawsuit against former coach, but is awarded no damages, demonstrating for universities the positive and negative aspects of enforcing coaching contracts in court.

Marist Outfoxes Ex-Coach, But Does Not Score Damages

Marist v. Brady: Lessons and Takeaways

Marist v. Brady: Jury Find in Favor of Marist, But Awards no Damages

Marist Settles with James Madison, Goes to Trial v. Brady

5.  NCAA’s rule allowing multi-year scholarships survives override.

Sack: Multi-Year Scholarships a Historic NCAA Change

NCAA to Allow Multi-Year Scholarships

The Tipping Point in College Sports Reform


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