Friday Sports Briefs

marvinmiller272wayThe Significance of Marvin Miller

Notre Dame Law School sports law professor Ed Edmonds has written an interesting piece on the significance of Major League Baseball leader Marvin MillerMiller recently passed away at the age of 95.

Clark Booth also has an interesting piece in the Dorchester Reporter regarding Miller’s exclusion from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

McCann on Money and Bowl Season

Michael McCann of and the Sports Law Blog was interviewed by Marketplace regarding Louisiana Tech’s decision to decline an invitation to the Independence Bowl.  Louisiana Tech preferred to hold out for a more lucrative bowl, but was ultimately left out.  The situation reminds me of UConn’s appearances in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl, none of which were rainmakers for UConn.  In fact, UConn lost $1,663,560 by playing in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma.

Exit Fees Not the Solution to Conference Realignment

Mit Winter has an excellent article on the Business of College Sports regarding the effectiveness of conference exit fees as a deterrent to schools conference jumping.  Winter’s solution involves the grant of television broadcast rights.

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