Friday Sports Briefs

jerrymaguiremoneyInterested in Becoming a Sports Agent?

Each year, students in my Sports Law class at Quinnipiac Law School are interested in becoming an agent.  Luckily, I co-teach the class with Rob Romano, who was an NFL agent for many years.  For those interested in becoming an NFL agent, Andrew Brandt’s recent article on is required reading.  Brandt discusses the life of the NFL agent, focusing specifically on the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Bill O’Brien, Coach of the Year

Bill O’Brien previously made news on CT Sports Law for his contract with Penn State University, which seemingly was not crafted to account for the circumstances surrounding the university (although it was subsequently amended).  Nevertheless, O’Brien coached the Nittany Lions to an 8-4 record and is receiving mention for coach of the year.’s Rick Reilly has a nice piece on O’Brien.

Former Patriot Randall Gay attending Law School

Reading the ABA Journal, I came across a link to a piece about Randall Gay, the former defensive back for the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints.  Gay is presently a first year law student at Southern University Law School.  Good luck to him!

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