Big East Loses 2 Schools, UConn Hopes for ACC Invitation

Rutgers and Maryland are reportedly leaving the Big East and ACC, respectively, to join the Big 10 (becoming its 13th and 14th teams).  It’s no secret that UConn is hoping that this development leads to an invitation from the ACC.  Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant has written an interesting piece on UConn’s waiting game:

UConn, to most every observer, appears to be the obvious choice to replace Maryland. Yet how often has the obvious been wrong in college athletics in recent years? It seems like risky business for UConn fans to count their blessings before John Swofford actually dials those sweet, first three numbers: 860 …

Click here to read Jacobs’ article its entirety.

Fomrer Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese shared some observations on conference realignment with Mark Blaudschun, on his blog, “A Jersey Guy”:

“The Big East has never done really anything wrong other than it never had powerful football schools and it has paid a heavy price,” said Tranghese. “What makes me even sadder is that there are some schools ou[t] there who have done very little to contribute anything and they are getting rewarded. And there are some schools who have done nothing wrong and they are getting punished simply for being in the wrong place. That concept is hard for me to grasp.”

Click here to read Blaudschun’s post in its entirety.

Stay tuned to see how things shake out for UConn.


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