Former Student-Athletes Sue NCAA over Concussions

I was recently interviewed by Michele Bowman of concerning the class action lawsuit brought by former student-athletes against the NCAA over the treatment of concussions. 

Here’s what I had to say (in part):

“Medical research has allowed athletes to understand the long-term health risks associated with concussions,” which has “led many to the conclusion that previous means of treatment and prevention were seriously lacking,” says Daniel B. Fitzgerald, a lawyer with Brody Wilkinson PC in Southport, Conn. “Also, it has become obvious that college sports is big business and there is the possibility of large recoveries for lawyers and litigants.”

Michael McCann of and the Sports Law Blog was also quoted:

Another reason for the trend could be that there’s strength in numbers — no one wants to be the one whiner on a sports team. “There is also a critical mass of plaintiffs — whether they are suing the NFL or the NCAA — that removes the potential stigma of being a plaintiff in these types of cases,” notes Michael McCann, director of the Sports Law Institute and professor of law at Vermont Law School.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.  Thanks to Michele Bowman!


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