Want to Play Sports in College? Take Control of the Recruiting Process

Eric Dobler, a college admissions consultant from Cheshire, Conn. recently contributed an excellent post to Connecticut Sports Law entitled Eligibility: The Key for Aspiring College Athletes

I returned the favor by writing a guest post for his blog, the Dobler College Consulting blog, on the recruiting process.  Here is an excerpt of the post:

My recruiting experience was rather unremarkable and probably similar to many of those who were interested in playing Division II and III athletics upon graduation from high school. After playing organized football for seven years, I simply wanted to keep playing. My college search was simple – I looked for a good school where I would have the opportunity to play football. My approach to recruiting was similarly simple – I responded to letters I received from schools and applied to a few others that I thought might be a good fit.

In hindsight, my approach was too reactive, when I should have been proactive. With school back in session, here are some ideas on handling the recruiting process:

Click here to read the post in its entirety.  Many thanks to Eric for inviting me to contribute to his outstanding blog. 

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