Friday Sports Briefs

Jacobs on UConn Football at Fenway and Beyond

In the wake of recent reports of a UConn-Notre Dame game at Fenway Park, Jeff Jacobs has an excellent piece on the possibility of UConn playing home football games at venues other than Rentschler Field:

In the past, I was against moving games away from Rentschler. The seismic shift in college athletics has changed my mind. With the elimination of automatic BCS bids, the mountain no longer will come to the Big East. And with the Big East scraping to remain relevant, even the possibility that Boise State might come to Rentschler once a decade, it’s even more incumbent that UConn go to the mountain.

Click here to read Jacobs’ article in its entirety.

The NFL Referee Lockout Continues

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has posted a letter sent by the executive director of the NFL Referees Association, Tim Millis, to the media entitled “Do What’s Right and Fair — For the Game and its Officials.”  Judy Battista of the New York Times writes that players are trying to stretch the rules in the absence of the regular referee.

O’Bannon v. NCAA Uncovers Debate over Using Student-Athletes’ Likenesses

A debate over the use of the likenesses of student-athletes was exposed in documents uncovered in the discovery process of O’Bannon v. NCAA:

An email sent from Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman to Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe and Texas President Bill Powers shows there was some disagreement on whether the NCAA could sell athletes’ publicity rights without compensating them.

“This whole area of name and likeness and the NCAA is a disaster leading to catastrophe as far as I can tell,” Perlman wrote. “I’m still trying to figure out by what authority the NCAA licenses these rights to the game makers and others. I looked at what our student athletes sign by way of waiver and it doesn’t come close.”

Jeff Borzello of CBS Sports has the story here.


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