Friday Sports Briefs

Savannah State’s “Money Grab”

Gene Wojciechowski of writes that Savannah State will receive a total of $860,000 for playing Oklahoma State and Florida State in football this season.  Savannah State, a FCS program, played Oklahoma State last weekend and lost 84-0.  They face Florida State next.  Even Savannah State’s coach seems to be questioning the school’s scheduling.  This morning on Mike & Mike, Mike Greenberg called the situation a “disgrace”  and pointed out that the players don’t see a penny of this money.

The Downside of Being a Sports Agent

Darren Heitner of the Sports Agent Blog writes about the not so glamorous aspects of working as a sports agent.  Darren, a sports agent turned sports lawyer, has some great insight on this subject.

Kansas and Fantasy Football

Fantasy football season is underway!  Marc Edelman over at the Sports Law Blog writes about the legality of fantasy football in Kansas.  Also, the post links to Marc’s treatise on fantasy sports and the law.


  1. It does seem a bit unfair that the players won’t receive any of the money collected by the school because of their efforts. DP Evans

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